Neat Stuff to Download
Some is "R" Rated

All files have been tested and are virus free

 Indecent Proposal
(a CLASSIC! 1.8 MB)
Tidy Up!
World Cup Cat
1.4 Mb
Bowling (MPEG)
Suck It In! (G rated)
What REALLY Happens!
Man's Best Friend
(R) Rated 1.6 MB
How Women (with PMS) Park their carsCat Food (wav)
Why Men Die Younger
Help Desk Call
WAV file
(dumb, but funny)
Brain Test (IQ)
Joe Fish
Mad Cow Disease
(test for)
Cool Hand

For Mom's with kids! (MPEG)



The downloads below are Utility Programs or coursework for learning HTML and how to set up a website.

Learn to make your own Homepage and have your own website.  This free course from Maricopa Community College is a great way to start.  Just download it to your hard drive, and run it from you browser.  Click HERE for the manual in PDF.


for Windows 95, 98,
2000, ME, NT

HTML Course
For Macintosh Users

Here is a neat program that synchronizes your computer's clock with the Atomic Clock in Boulder, CO.  Easy 2 steps install. 
First download  Automachron.  
Second,  chose a timeserver (free) from 

An Excellent FTP client
Highly recommended!
5 Mb