To all of you who want pix of my new Costa Rica Digs

Here they are!

Frequently Answered Questions:

Yes, you can come visit....  Selective invitations will be issued.  Please wait until you receive yours.

Yes you need DO an invitation AND a reservation before you come.

No, I am not any closer to the beach.

Yes, that IS barbed wire.

No I don't have a pool anymore, but I DO have a cool garden

Yes, George and Charli like it.  Soon, there will be a DOG and maybe a BIRD

Yes Charli WILL eat the BIRD if given a chance.

NO, I will not give her the chance, unless the BIRD really pisses me off.... but the same goes for guests!

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Mi Casa...

Front Door

Living Room

It is sunken like Ann Conner's chest was in 7th Grade

Dining Room

6 chairs, no waiting

La Cocina

No food, but I do have a brand new Can Opener

My Bedroom

No I haven't.


Shot from the rising living room!

Living Room



Really dumb window shot from a crummy photographer. Window is in the Office.


From the inside looking out

Hall to Kitchen and Dining Room

Wonderful creative photography!

Back Yard

See below about Romero the Mad Gardener


Pretty nice and comfortable

The back - back yard

AKA the orchard?

3 Almond trees, 1 mango tree, 1 bananna tree, a dog house sans dog, oregano, bamboo trees, one palm

Back Yard

The gardener went a tad berzerk and pruned hell outta everything.


Wipe your feet

Front Yard

1.6 minutes to mow


Keeps you from falling into the sunken living room when you come through from the Patio

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