One day In Costa Rica.... continued


Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm). Not all the tourist facilities is Costa Rica are equal in quality.  Many of the newer resorts are pretty nice... but there remain some that are not very... ummm... pleasant.  On the long drive to Ecco Colonia, all I could help but think was "How great can this place be?  It would be really tough getting any building materials over these roads".  I could not have been more wrong.

Ana and Norman have put together an absolute stunner in 180 acres of rain forest.  Here is resort with spectacular views that defy description... so I am not going to try... The rooms are spacious and well equipped... and there sre several Jacuzzi's where you can boil away your cares while watching God do His work. 

I had the additional good fortune to meet 'Tavo, Ana's chef who whipped up some fine goodies for me in the restaurant (yes... there is a full restaurant at the resort also!), while Ana did some chores.  This place is a wonderful spot, secluded and special... and the rates are very, very nice!

They can arrange bird watching, river rafting, and a variety of other stuff.  You can even take a tour on horseback (including the guide) for just $24 a day. That's the hourly rate for the horse here in Chicago!

Suffice it to say that if you want to see why the rain forest is so important to humanity and why we must respect it, you simply have to make this place a stop when visiting Costa Rica.  Oh, did I mention that almost all the power used is generated naturally?  The wind and the sun charge batteries that keep Ecco Colonia going strong.

Visit Costa Rica... and visit Ecco Colonia.   As an added bonus... you'll meet Ana Quiros... a delightful representative of Costa Rica... and perhaps the elusive Norman who was away on business during my visit.  He is an American... but try not to hold that against him... he's probably very nice!

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